Bringing Your Vision into Reality 

Let me inspire you


Have you seen ideas online to revamp your home or garden but don't know how to achieve it, let me help you to bring your vision into reallity.

Or are you stuck for ideas? Follow me on Pinterest and maybe I can inspire your next project.

Ikea Hacks

Ikea make some great functional pieces of furniture, but sometimes does it feel like we all have the same stuff?  Be it new or old I can take your furniture and personalise it to fit your own personal style/vision, from painting to changing doors we can work together to make the mundane unique.

Home Office

With more of us than ever working from home there has never been a better time to upgrade your working environment, utilising a spare bedroom, hallway, landing into a bespoke multifunctional space.

Building bespoke desks or creating intellegent storage solutions to make your home office a productive as well as inspiring space.

Fitted Wardrobes

The bedroom should be your peaceful haven – a place where you can retire at the end of a long day, but if your space is full of clothes and other items, that can be hard to do.

That’s why fitted wardrobes offer the perfect solution for all your storage needs, I can design stylish and practical space that is bespoke to you and your tastes at a fraction of the cost by customising off the shelf solutions.

Outdoor Kitchen

I like to cook, but I love to BBQ and smoke my own ingredients, creating a socialble outdoor kitchen to entertain transports your entire prep, cooking and serving system into the heart of your garden ideas so you don't miss out on a single moment.

What you include in this exterior kitchen is very much up to you, creating an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be an unreachable.

Tree Houses

When I became a dad one of the future projects I was most excited about creating was my childhood dream treehouse, my kids loved their treehouse so much that when we moved I moved the treehouse with us.

Be it rustic looking using found materials or modern with clean lines and shapes I can create a safe play area for your kids to while away the hours in their own imagination.


I have a dergree in illustration and can crerate a bespoke handpainted mural for your childs bedroom, check out my gallery and Pinterest pages for inspiration.

Alternatively for those on a budget I can design if required and fit wall paper or wall stickers to personalise your childs beedroom or playroom.

UPVC Windows

Have you got good UPVC windows but crave that modern look of coloured frames, save £1,000's on the cost of new windows by opting to spray your windows instead.

Typically, it works out 20% cheaper than vinyl wrapping and 80% cheaper than window replacement.

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