Prices & Service Information

Free Consultation

Need some friendly advice or guidance? If you are thinking about booking me, but are unsure of exactly what you need, you are welcome to send me details about your job, including any photos, videos (or Pinterest boards!) with no obligation. I will discuss with you what the work will involve, identify potential problems and can provide you with a detailed estimate.


When I have enough information about your job I will provide you with a detailed estimate of both material and labour costs. Labour costs are calculated at my current rates (see table below) and I am always happy to provide an estimate of how long I expect a job to take before you confirm booking. If your job is complex, I will also provide you with a brief summary of what I will be doing.


For certain bookings I may be able to provide you with a fixed price quote. Fixed price quotes generally require a greater level of detailed information about the work and will often include a visit to your property. Fixed price quotes are a guarantee that I will complete the work as described for an agreed price and you will pay no more than that amount.

Price / Rates

Please see the table below for my current labour rates. These rates are subject to change without notice for any unconfirmed bookings. Discounts on labour rates are available for longer projects – please enquire.

Minumum Charge: £50

1/2 Day Rate: £100

Full Day Rate: £200

No Added VAT

I am a small operation and not VAT registered. My invoices therefore do not add VAT for labour costs – saving you money!

Transport, Materials & Waste

In general, I will bring a single vehicle to your job site. Any parking costs I incur in order to access your property will be included in my invoice.

Where possible, I will arrange the delivery of all large and bulky materials directly to your address.

Where I have purchased materials for your job, these are added to my invoice at unit cost price (including all shipping) You are also welcome to supply materials yourself.

After the work is completed, please let me know if you wish me to leave left-over materials with you. Where I am able, I will return unused materials to the supplier and these will not be added to your invoice. 

You can always expect a thorough clean-up at the end of every booking. While I am able to advise you on waste disposal, I regret that I am unable to transport or dispose of any waste from your property.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

It’s OK to change your mind! Reschedule your booking at any time for free. You can also cancel your booking up to 48 hours before it is scheduled to start and pay nothing (except reimbursement for any materials purchased that I cannot return). Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice pay only my first hour charge (see my price guide).

Flexible Working

Sometimes unexpected complications arise. I will communicate clearly with you if work is taking longer than estimated or will need more materials. You are welcome to stop work short at any time (subject to my cancellation policy), change the priority of tasks on my list or even add new tasks as we go (schedule dependant).

Payment Terms

All payments for my services may be made via BAC’s (UK bank transfer) within 14 days of my invoice. Upon completion of your booking an invoice for the outstanding will be raised and sent to your contact email, payable within 14 days to the account listed.

,Late Payment Penalties

Invoices that are not settled within the 14 day payment period are subject to a late charge of £15.00 administration fee, plus a weekly interest charge of 5% on the outstanding balance (including the admin fee). Late payment reminders containing the current outstanding balance are issued on a monthly basis. Bookings for clients who hold  overdue invoices are subject to cancellation without notice.

Privacy Policy

Both this website and my business are operated in line with my Privacy Policy. Please visit for full details of my most up-to-date policies and to learn about controlling your data with me.

Your Home, Your Standards

I believe in treating each job as though I were working on my own home, which means meeting a minimum quality of workmanship and materials that I would be satisfied with – but, ultimately, I am not satisfied until you are!

I am always happy to accommodate any reasonable request (e.g. removing shoes) and to work around your schedule and needs – so please ask.


I am insured with full public and products liability insurance cover of £2,000,000. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Making a Complaint

I always try to work with clients to resolve issues as they arise during each job.  After completion or payment, however, if you decide that you are unhappy about any aspect of my work or conduct I encourage you to contact me to make a complaint.

I am always receptive to complaints made in good faith and I will always attempt to work in a positive way with you to understand your concerns and identify issues and potential improvements to my services. I aim to respond to all complaints within 28 days.

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